Organic Fermented Probiotic Tea!


Why búcha® with us?

búcha® delivers over 2 Billion live probiotics while maintaining its industry-leading 9 months of shelf life and boasting its proprietary shelf-stable production process - all without compromising taste or undermining the benefits of the live probiotics! Strapped for fridge space? Our product lives on the shelves & can be stored in the pantry, since our ultra-resilient live cultures can thrive in various environmental conditions; allowing it not to require refrigeration until after opening!


búcha® live kombucha

Real kombucha. Unreal taste.

Made from all natural and organic ingredients, búcha® is the best tasting kombucha on the planet. It is the only one with a clean, complex and rounded finish and no nasty vinegar aftertaste. búcha® offers a smart alternative to the other nutritionally empty sugary beverages. Your body is a temple, treat it that way, and treat it with búcha®.

búcha live kombucha - USDA Organic - NON-GMO



What makes búcha® better?

Only búcha®, is made with a unique and proprietary processes, traditions, ingredients and secrets tracing back thousands of years. The result is an elegantly balanced sweet/sour combination, subtly matching with complex flavor attributes, teas and juices, worthy of its royal medicinal roots.

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Kom búcha® with us!


....with Benefits

búcha® live kombucha, and kombucha overall is believed to have multiple health-boosting and preventative beneficial health attributes


Aids Digestion


Supports Immunity


*Disclaimer: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. búcha® live kombucha makes no formal claims about kombucha, but reflects the wide-range of professional and personal opinions regarding kombucha’s health enhancing properties. Feel free to read up on it and decide for yourself.


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