The Bucha Story


Born and raised on a farm in Australia – my mother home-brewed delicious ginger beer. On a wave of nostalgia during the southern California, summer of 2008, I began searching the internet for Mom’s ginger beer recipe. Instead I discovered, how to home-brew kombucha.

Teaming with some friends I began home brewing, experimenting with flavors, and increasing to larger scale. It quickly became apparent if they were to produce commercially, a fermentation microbiologist was required.  Frank Commanday joined the team and a year of product development began. The goal was to develop a line of kombucha teas that were, like the others, low calorie with live culture, but these would be very good tasting.

Their taste test panel met monthly, and eventually arrived at a tisane suite (Verbena Rose, Masala Chai and Blood Orange) and a vivid fruit suite (Grapefruit Sage, Guava Mango and Lemongrass Ginger).

Amongst this tantalizing mélange of flavors is a little inspiration; a small celebration of the deliciousness of natural fruits, herbs and spices, and all creatively combined and minimally processed. We hope you enjoy our offerings.

– Bern Galvin, Founder