team bucha


Bob Tiedemann | Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tiedemann was appointed CEO and a member of the Board of Directors in November of 2013. Calling on his many years of management experience, Mr. Tiedemann brought a renewed energy to the Company. During his tenure, the Company has doubled its sales volume, while successfully expanding into the traditional grocery and club store channels. Mr. Tiedemann recruited experienced talent at both the Board and management team levels to position the Company for future growth. Mr. Tiedemann has over 30 years of management experience in the finance and wealth management industries following his graduation from UCLA with an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA in finance. Mr. Tiedemann and his family have a significant cash investment in the Company.

Frank Commanday | Technical Director, Brewmaster

Frank has twenty-seven years experience in the craft beverage industry as a microbiologist and brewer, and played a key role in the emerging American craft brewing industry.  Recently, he developed innovative fermentation and production methods while conducting research and development for Golden Star Tea Company in Belmont, California.  Their popular White Jasmine fermented, non-alcoholic tea is currently sold at Whole Foods markets, and was featured at a White House luncheon.  Frank is one of few individuals around with a scientific understanding and approach to the Kombucha fermentation,  enriched by practical experience and supported by substantial success.

Frank’s acquaintance with the nascent craft brewing industry began in the summer of 1982, while a graduate student in microbiology and brewing at the University of California at Davis.  After a bike ride in Chico, he stopped by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for a visit and tour.  He left with a summer job in the lab and fermentation cellar. At the time, this pioneering brewery was housed in a small metal building across from a body shop in a dusty back alley.  The equipment was mainly adapted from old dairy tanks, and scrounged from Modesto-area used wine equipment suppliers, cobbled together by the company’s founder, Ken Grossman.  Although he had to return to Davis to finish his graduate studies, this brief experience had a lasting effect:  a career in a “conventional” industry or doing basic research was out of the question!  As for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, it is now a major regional-sized state-of-the-art brewery, and its Pale Ale is distributed throughout the USA.

After earning an MA in microbiology at UC Davis, Frank moved to Portland, Oregon, and learned brewing QA techniques at the Blitz-Weinhard brewery.  He was soon applying them while setting up the QA lab as the first employee at Portland Brewing Co (now part of Pyramid Brewing Co), and gaining practical skills in brewing and cellar operations.  After 2 years, he joined Widmer Brothers Brewing Co, designing, constructing, and running their downtown satellite brewery before joining their main production facility as Plant Manager and QA Manager, setting up their QA program/lab and Engineering Department. Frank introduced modern automated process controls to the growing facility, and designed/ managed a variety of process system projects (e.g. grain-handling, CIP, keg filling/cleaning, a second satellite brewery by the Portland Rose Garden Arena). He took sensory analysis courses at UC Davis and Siebel Institute (Chicago), and successfully integrated sensory analysis (regular taste panels) to the QA and product development programs.  In the midst of a big expansion in 1996, with the introduction of the bottled product, Frank recognized the necessity of centrifugation prior to packaging, and led the successful effort to ensure shelf stability of Widmer’s primary product.

Frank moved to San Francisco in 1997 to set up and run a microbrewery at E&O Trading Company, an upscale Asian/fusion restaurant in the downtown shopping district.  He enjoyed brewing his own formulations as much as his customers enjoyed drinking them, and resolved that his ongoing career would always somehow involve the production of brews of his own design.

With one small exception, Frank’s career has exclusively involved small start-ups, with innovation being the main imperative. His extensive practical experience in designing process systems, managing projects, and sourcing and commissioning equipment marries well with his microbiological skills and understanding of fermentation science and creative drive.

Dennis McLaughlin  |  Chief Marketing Officer

Dennis is a Southern California-based marketing and communications professional, most recently SVP – Group Account Director with the Los Angeles office of McCann-Erickson Worldwide.

He brings extensive beverage and retail marketing experience to the Búcha management team, with proven skills in developing and executing integrated marketing programs that drive sales, build share and increase brand awareness.

His experience spans decades, including several years at The Seven-Up Company world headquarters, then as advertising director of a four-state, publicly held soft drink bottling system,  followed by a successful career at McCann-Erickson as an officer and account director in the western area, with extensive work on products of The Coca-Cola Company.  He led the western area advertising and promotion for a number of beverage brand product launches, including Sprite, Diet Coke and Cherry Coke.

In addition to directing our corporate brand ID development and all packaging design, Dennis is leading our network of brokers and distributors for Búcha as we gain more and more grocery store distribution across the USA and Canada.  He is also overseeing the advertising, promotion and sampling to pull the flavors of Búcha off shelves and into homes.

Dennis is a graduate of The University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Laurie Hunter  |  Controller

Laurie has over 30 years of experience in accounting, financial reporting, taxation and personal financial planning issues. Prior to arriving at Búcha, Laurie worked for 20 years as the business manager for one of the most recognizable athletes in the world with responsibility for multiple business enterprises including a private-label winery, web site and sports memorabilia companies. Previously, she was a senior financial manager for the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee and a senior accountant with Deloitte and Touché.

Laurie received her Master of Business Taxation degree from the University of Southern California, her MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and her BS in accounting from the University of Arizona. She is a CPA, licensed in CA, and a member of the AICPA.

Laurie has served on the Boards of two private foundations, in the US and Canada, whose missions are to provide athletic opportunities to underprivileged children.

Laurie and her husband reside in Manhattan Beach, California and have a daughter and a son.