Masala Chai

tradition with a twist

Throughout South Asia, the word ‘Chai’ refers to tea. To Westerners, ‘Chai’ refers to masala chai, black tea brewed with a masala – a mixture of spices. Traditionally, this mixture of tea, whole spices, milk, water, and sugar is simmered together, yielding a sweet,
richly-flavored brew.

Búcha Masala Chai is our refreshing, low-calorie interpretation of this hearty beverage. We use the same traditional spice mixture – cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves – gently extracting this along with organic, Fair Trade black tea from Assam (Northern India). In doing so, we avoid extracting astringent tannins that would compromise drinkability and the clean finish.

Our masala highlights the snap and sweetness of freshly-ground black cardamom seeds, as this pairs well with the mild tang arising from the natural kombucha fermentation. The characteristic maltiness of the Assam tea, familiar to those who enjoy English Breakfast tea, rounds out the bright spiciness of this aromatic brew.


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