Verbena Rose

flavor of extraordinary complexity and depth

Enter Rosa damascena, the ‘Damask rose’. Cultivated primarily in India, Turkey, France, and Bulgaria, its fragrant blooms have been used in cuisine and perfumery for nearly 600 years. It enlivens traditional Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern dishes with its sweet, delicate aromatics.

In developing búcha® Verbena Rose, we recognize that wonderful flavor is universally valued, and defies distance and boundary. We also know that simple, natural, unrefined ingredients yield flavor of extraordinary complexity and depth.

búcha® Verbena Rose seamlessly combines the exotic, vivid fragrance of organic dried Indian Damask rose petals we gently extract, along with the piquant, citrus scent of organic Argentinean lemon verbena leaves. Our proprietary kombucha fermentation method, using Chinese Congou black tea from the Qimen (‘Keemun’) region, completes this sensory tableau, offering hints of peach and apricot, and a slightly tart, refreshing finish.


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