Our Process

búcha® Live Kombucha’s proprietary production process (that leads to no vinegar-like aftertaste and no secondary fermentation, carbonation, or sugar production after bottling) not only consistently makes our brew the best-tasting kombucha around, it also makes our kombucha shelf-stable while still maintaining over 2 Billion live probiotics! Our ultra-resilient live cultures can thrive in various environmental conditions without requiring refrigeration until after opening.

Our industry-leading 9 months of shelf life far exceeds the 90-day average for most other kombuchas, while búcha® still possesses the same benefits, as there is no deterioration to the more than 2 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) at production and no degradation to its consumer preferred taste profile.

As kombucha continues to be relied upon by millions across the globe for its immunity-boosting and digestive health benefits, we continue to lead the way in providing búcha® lovers with a taste that doesn’t compromise, while still offering mainstream consumers the opportunity to choose healthy. In the past, many have been deterred by kombucha’s bitter vinegar aftertaste. Shy away no more! The approachable flavor profile of Búcha® will make it easy for juice or soda drinkers to make the switch to our artfully crafted – and delicious – healthy alternative!

KomBúcha with us!

Our Story

Kombucha traces it roots back to 221 BC in the Tsin Dynasty, the First Imperial Dynasty In China when the Great Wall was constructed. Kombucha was known as the “Tea of Immortality,” and was created for the first sovereign ruler of China, Emperor Shi Huang Ti. 600 hundred years later it had made its way to Japan to treat Emperor Inyko. The treatment the doctor gave him, “cha” or tea. The doctor’s name – Kombu, and “Kombucha” was born.

From the Far East Kombucha made its way to Europe and Russia, where it also developed a reputation as a “healing tea” that was used treat Tsar’s and other world leaders prominent in Europe at the time. It became known amongst the elite and medical professionals from Russia to Romania. It made its way to the city of Bucha, in modern day Ukraine, and Transylvania and Bucharest in Romania, the residence of the Royal Court, and Prince Vlad Dracula – and so “Bucha” was born. Fast forward a few years to California, known for a few things quirky, and búcha® “It’s alive” Kombucha is reborn in honor of its Transylvanian Immortality roots.

Not only unique for its immortality roots, búcha® uses a different and proprietary brewing process than any other Kombucha product. All Kombucha are fermented black tea concoctions, but most of them end up with a nasty, vinegar-like aftertaste. This offensive sour naturally accrues from the fermentation process, but búcha® Live Kombucha, utilizes specialized yeasts, specialized fermentation processes, and our own secret ingredients tracing back thousands of years and sourced from locations around the world to create a beautiful, complex, and rounded, elegant fermented tea, worthy of its royal medicinal roots.

In 2015, American Brewing Company purchased the búcha® Live Kombucha brand and continues to keep its secrets locked up. No one person knows the entire formula, and to brew each búcha® batch, different people go into our controlled mixing rooms at different times to protect the búcha® secrets.

We invite the world to taste a bit of our quirky, our “Tea of Immortality,” and provide a little prop to Emperor Ti in China for the birth of búcha®, and to Prince Vlad in Bucharest for búcha’s® rebirth.   We invite everyone to enjoy the clean, refreshing, complex “cha,” we lovingly call búcha®.

“Kom búcha® with us.”

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